TV PREMIERES: (Winter 2017)

I have always loved the month of January as it is the start of a fresh year with new beginnings, and everyone is in a positive mood with exciting goals to aspire towards. However, my favourite part is that all of the TV shows that have been on hiatus since December are finally back! See … Continue reading TV PREMIERES: (Winter 2017)

TV PREMIERES: (Fall 2016)

It's my favourite time of year again ... Fall is officially here! Fall has always been my favourite season because the colours change, the weather cools down, the fashion becomes glorious, and my favourite spring shows are back! However, this Fall is extra exciting because there are a TON of new shows along with the premieres … Continue reading TV PREMIERES: (Fall 2016)

SERIES SPOTLIGHT: How To Get Away With Murder (2014 – Present)

I have been fairly caught up with Academy Awards coverage and film posts this month; as a result, I have unfairly neglected all of the CCC television-loving readers. Therefore, I've chosen to spotlight the How To Get Away With Murder (HTGAWM) TV series because it is full of thrilling twists, and is an easy 15-episode season that can … Continue reading SERIES SPOTLIGHT: How To Get Away With Murder (2014 – Present)