TV PREMIERES: (Winter 2015)

In preparation for the Suits winter premiere, I finally sat down this weekend and got caught up on all of the Season 4 episodes. I just have to take a moment and say WOW to the intensity of that finale! My Saturday Suits binge re-emphasized for me personally that January is always a great time for television, as the one month hiatus of no new episodes is FINALLY over. As a result, I get back to the routine of constantly wanting each show’s next episode to air right away instead of having to wait a full week!

A few of my favourite weekly shows have already premiered, however I know it’s a busy time of year so check the dates below to see how many episodes you may need to catch up on.

Gotham – Premiered Monday January 5th


Marvel’s Agent Carter – Premiered Tuesday January 6th

Agent Carter

New Girl – Premiered Tuesday January 6th

New Girl

Criminal Minds – Premiered Wednesday January 14th

ABC Studio's "Criminal Minds" - Season Ten

It has been a great couple of weeks thus far and I’m anxious to see how the rest of the premieres unfold. The Originals, Grey’s Anatomy, and TVD have each had some juicy drama happen before the break, so it will be interesting to see how that all develops. HTGAWM ended with a shock, Reign ended with a twist, and Suits ended with a full throttle of emotion, so you could say I’m a tad excited for these three in particular. Either way I’m looking forward to having 10 brand new weekly episodes on my radar once again!

The Originals – Premieres Monday January 19th

The Originals

Reign – Premieres Thursday January 22nd


The Vampire Diaries – Premieres Thursday January 22nd

The Vampire Diaries

Suits – Premieres Wednesday January 28th


How To Get Away With Murder – Premieres Thursday January 29th

How To Get Away With Murder

Grey’s Anatomy – Premieres Thursday January 29th

Grey's Anatomy

Check out the link below for a full list of all the 2015 Winter TV Premieres!


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