TUESDAY TOP 10: Super Bowl 51 Commercials

Sunday's Super Bowl 51 was definitely one for the ages as the underdog Atlanta Falcons team took on the veteran New England Patriots squad. The game was full of amazing throws, clutch catches, aggressive sacks, and the first over-time action in Super Bowl history. My sport background is one of the main reasons I love the … Continue reading TUESDAY TOP 10: Super Bowl 51 Commercials

GOLDEN GLOBES: Highlights (2017)

I have always loved both the Golden Globes and the Academy Awards as they highlight the year's amazing performances by Hollywood's best. This Sunday's 74th Golden Globes was no different as it was full of stars in exquisite dresses, heartfelt speeches, and the honouring of Meryl Streep a.k.a. the Queen of Hollywood. I have highlighted below my favourite winners, … Continue reading GOLDEN GLOBES: Highlights (2017)