TUESDAY TOP 10: Super Bowl 51 Commercials

Sunday’s Super Bowl 51 was definitely one for the ages as the underdog Atlanta Falcons team took on the veteran New England Patriots squad. The game was full of amazing throws, clutch catches, aggressive sacks, and the first over-time action in Super Bowl history. My sport background is one of the main reasons I love the Super Bowl but also anxiously await the half-time performance and creative ads. This year was even more exciting for me as I didn’t have to wait until Monday morning to see the best ads because this year was the first time Canadians got to see them live! So without further adieu check out my favourite 10 commercials and top film trailers from Sunday’s game as well as a couple of fun bonus items.

Top 10 Commercials

1) Budweiser – “Born The Hard Way”

2) Buick ft. Cam Newton & Miranda Kerr

3) Avocados from Mexico – #AvoSecrets

4) Honda – “Yearbooks”

5) Sprint – “Extreme Measures”

6) T-Mobile – #BagOfUnlimited ft. Martha Stewart & Snoop Dogg

7) T-Mobile – #Punished ft. Kristen Schaal

8) Kia – “Hero’s Journey” ft. Melissa McCarthy

9) Mercedes – “Easy Rider” directed by The Coen Brothers

10) T-Mobile – #UnlimitedMoves ft. Justin Bieber

Trailer Releases

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 – In Theatres May 5

Baywatch – In Theatres May 26

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales – In Theatres May 26

The Fate of the Furious – In Theatres April 14

Bonus Items

If you want to check out a FULL LIST of commercials from Sunday’s big-game to make your own Top 10 list click the link below. Also, if you didn’t get a chance, see the video link below for Lady Gaga’s epic half-time performance!

Full List of ALL Commercials from Sunday’s Super Bowl 51

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