IN THEATRES: December (2015)

I've just finished my final stack of study notes for my last exam, so I thought I'd carve out a little bit of time to highlight a few films that I am eager to see over this Christmas break. See the trailers and summaries below for my top three choices, as well as an extra … Continue reading IN THEATRES: December (2015)

FILM IN REVIEW: Focus (2015)

As mentioned in last month's "In Theatres" segment, Focus was on my list of films that I was excited to be released in February. This week I finally went to see Will Smith and Margot Robbie in action and I absolutely loved their performance! Focus is a romantic-comedy that follows veteran conman Nicky Spurgeon (Will Smith) as he teaches … Continue reading FILM IN REVIEW: Focus (2015)

IN THEATRES: February (2015)

This month's "In Theatres" segment features three blockbusters that I am interested in going to see this February. The following films' genres range between fantasy, action, espionage, romance, comedy, and a good old-fashioned con movie. Check out the trailers and summaries below to see which one fits your film personality. Jupiter Ascending - In Theatres Friday February … Continue reading IN THEATRES: February (2015)