FILM IN REVIEW: Cinderella (2015)

As mentioned in this month's "In Theatres" segment, Cinderella was one of the featured films I was excited to be released in March. I finally went to see the live-action retelling of the Disney classic on Thursday and I absolutely loved how the story unfolded.      Cinderella begins with the introduction of young Ella who lives on … Continue reading FILM IN REVIEW: Cinderella (2015)

IN THEATRES: March (2015)

This month's “In Theatres” segment features two films that I'm very excited to finally be released this March. There are a few other films that are coming out that I would eventually like to see, but they haven't intrigued me enough to feature. However,  I have included a list of these films at the end just in case you … Continue reading IN THEATRES: March (2015)