In Theatres: November & December (2018)

This “In Theatres” combo edition features the best November releases that are still at the cinema, as well as the highly-anticipated December films coming soon. See below for the Top 5 movies on my radar, as well as an extra list of releases for a great mix of action, animated, fantasy, drama and superhero films.

1) ‘Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald’

Release Date: Friday November 16

Main Stars: Eddie Redmayne (‘The Theory of Everything’), Jude Law (‘Sherlock Holmes’) and Johnny Depp (‘Pirates of the Caribbean’)

Director: David Yates (Final Four Films of ‘Harry Potter’ Series)


‘Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald’ is a fantasy film that is the sequel to the 2016 ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ original film, as well as the 10th installment of the overall Wizarding World franchise. The full crew are back with Eddie Redmayne and Johnny Depp reprising the main roles of Newt Scamander and Gellert Grindelwald, as well as Jude Law taking on the role of Albus Dumbledore. The story follows Newt and Dumbledore as they team up to defeat the dark wizard of Grindelwald who is attempting to turn muggles into slaves. This has been one of my most anticipated films of the year as I am a huge Harry Potter fan and I can’t wait to dive back into the magic of the Wizarding World.

2) ‘Instant Family’

Release Date: Friday November 16

Main Stars: Mark Wahlberg (‘The Fighter’) and Rose Byrne (‘Neighbors’)

Director: Sean Anders (‘Daddy’s Home’)


‘Instant Family’ is a comedy film starring Mark Wahlberg and Rose Byrne as Pete and Ellie Wagner as they jump into the world of foster-care adoption by bringing three young siblings into their family almost overnight. I actually just went and saw this last night and it was the perfect combination of funny and adorable. Both Wahlberg and Byrne have dabbled in comedy through films like ‘Ted’, ‘Daddy’s Home’, ‘Bridesmaids’ and ‘Neighbors’, so it was great to see their comedic experience come through in the film. Also, the three children were great additions as they perfectly played their roles of tantrum crazy Lita, accident prone emotional Juan and confrontational teenager Lizzy.

3) ‘Widows’

Release Date: Friday January 19

Main Stars: Viola Davis (‘How To Get Away With Murder’), Michelle Rodriguez (‘The Fast & The Furious’ Franchise), and Colin Farrell (‘In Bruges’)

Director: Steve McQueen (’12 Years a Slave’)


‘Widows’ is a heist film featuring a large ensemble cast with main roles portrayed by Viola Davis, Michelle Rodriguez and Colin Farrell. The story follows a group of widows as they plan to pull off a heist as they are forced to pay the debt of their husbands after they are killed in a mess of a final job. I love the strong female forces that are Davis and Rodriguez, so I can’t wait to see how they mastermind there way into millions. Personally, I am a sucker for heist movies and I am excited to see how this stands up against my favourites like ‘The Town’, ‘Ocean’s Eleven’, ‘Heat’ and ‘Inside Man’.

4) ‘Creed II’

Release Date: Wednesday November 21

Main Stars: Michael B. Jordan (‘Black Panther’), Sylvester Stallone (‘Rocky’ Franchise) and Tessa Thompson (‘Westworld’)

Director: Steven Cable, Jr. (‘The Land’)


‘Creed II’ is a sports drama film that is the sequel to the 2015 ‘Creed’ original film and is the eight installment of the ‘Rocky’ film series. Michael B. Jordan is back to portray the role of Adonis “Donnie” Creed, with his support system also reprising their roles. Sylvester Stallone returns as Donnie’s trainer/mentor Rocky Balboa and Tessa Thompson as Donnie’s girlfriend/mother of his child Bianca Porter. The story follows the same nostalgic tone of the first as the events take place 33 years after Ivan Drago killed Donnie’s father in an exhibition fight, and Donnie is now training to defeat his son. I truly loved the first film as it perfectly balanced the sports elements of boxing with the emotional relationships Donnie created with both Rocky and Bianca. I’m interested to see how the story will unfold with a new baby in the mix and a key death to avenge.

5) ‘Mary Queen of Scots’

Release Date: Friday December 14

Main Stars: Saoirse Ronan (‘Brooklyn’) and Margot Robbie (‘Suicide Squad’)

Director: Josie Rourke (Directorial Debut)


‘Mary Queen of Scots’ is a historical drama film based on the biography ‘Queen of Scots: The True Life of Mary Stuart’ by John Guy. Saoirse Ronan stars as Mary Stuart while Margot Robbie portrays the role of her cousin Queen Elizabeth I. The story follows the two as their friendship turns to an intense rivalry during the 1569 conflict between their countries. This movie looks amazing as it balances historical accuracy with incredible acting as both Ronan and Robbie have several Academy Award nominations between them and are both under 30. I love films that are based on real stories, so it will be interesting to see how these wonderful women bring these roles to life.

Extra Film Releases

‘Dr. Suess’ The Grinch’

Release Date: Friday November 9

Dr. Seuss' The Grinch - Animated.jpg

‘Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch’ [Credit: Universal Pictures]


“Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch’ is a computer-animated Christmas film based on the 1957 Dr. Seuss book ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas!’. For this third screen adaptation of the story, Benedict Cumberbatch takes on the role of the Christmas-hating Grinch as he tries to steal the holiday from the town of Whoville.

‘The Front Runner’

Release Date: Friday November 16

The Front Runner

‘The Front Runner’ [Credit: Columbia Pictures]


‘The Front Runner’ is a biographical political drama film based on the 1988 presidential campaign run by U.S. Senator Gary Hart. Hugh Jackman portrays Hart as he tries to overcome the political derailment of extramarital affair accusations by Donna Rice who is portrayed by Sara Paxton.

‘Robin Hood’

Release Date: Wednesday November 21

Robin Hood

‘Robin Hood’ [Credit: Lionsgate]


‘Robin Hood’ is an action-adventure film based on the original tale with Taron Egerton playing Robin of Loxley/The Hood and Jamie Foxx portraying the role of Yahya/John. The story follows the two as they thieve from the rich and give their treasure to the poor.

‘Ralph Breaks the Internet’

Release Date: Wednesday November 21

Ralph Breaks The Internet

‘Ralph Breaks The Internet’ [Credit: Walt Disney Studios]


‘Ralph Breaks the Internet’ is a computer-animated comedy film that is a sequel to the original film ‘Wreck-It Ralph’. The film is set six years after the events of the original film and has John C. Reilly and Sarah Silverman reprising their roles as Wreck-It Ralph and Vanellope von Schweetz. The story follows the crew after the wheel controller of the Sugar Rush arcade game breaks, and the duo head off into the unknown of the internet in search of a replacement.

‘Green Book’

Release Date: Wednesday November 21

Green Book

‘Green Book’ [Credit: Universal Pictures]


‘Green Book’ is a comedy-drama film based on a guidebook called “The Negro Motorist Green Book” by Victor Hugo Green that was created to be a guide for African-American road trippers. The story is set in the 1960s and follows a tour of the Deep South by Jamaican pianist Don Shirley (Mahershala Ali) and his New York driver and security guard Tony Vallelonga (Viggo Mortensen).

‘Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse’

Release Date: Friday December 14

Spider-Man into the Spiderverse

‘Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse’ [Credit: Sony Pictures]


‘Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse’ is a computer-animated superhero film based on the Marvel Comics character Miles Morales/Spider-Man played by Shameik Moore. The film follows Miles as he learns to become one of the several Spider-Men who protect the many alternate universes of the “Spider-Verse”.

‘Mortal Engines’

Release Date: Friday December 14

Mortal Engines.jpg

‘Mortal Engines’ [Credit: Universal Pictures]


‘Mortal Engines’ is a post-apocalyptic adventure film based on the novel of the same name by Philip Reeve. The world as we know it is complete in disrepair as entire cities have been mounted on to wheels and work to overthrow each other. Thaddeus (Hugo Weaving) is the head of the Guild of Historians and the story follows young assassin Hester Shaw (Hera Hilmar) as she works to exact revenge against Thaddeus with the help of her new ally Tom Natsworthy (Robert Sheehan).

‘Mary Poppins Returns’

Release Date: Friday December 14

Mary Poppins Returns.jpg

‘Mary Poppins Returns’ [Credit: Walt Disney Studios]


‘Mary Poppins Return’ is a musical fantasy film sequel to the 1964 ‘Mary Poppins’ original film featuring Emily Blunt as Mary Poppins and Lin-Manuel Miranda as Jack. The story follows the two children of the original film who are now grown up with kids of their own, and are in need of the magic of Mary Poppins after a personal loss.


Release Date: Wednesday December 19


‘Aquaman’ [Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures]


‘Aquaman’ is a superhero film based on the DC Comics character of the same name and is the sixth installment in the DC Extended Universe (DCEU). Jason Mamoa and Amber Heard reprise their roles as Arthur Curry/Aquaman and Mera as the story takes off from where the ‘Justice League’ plot ended. The duo work together to end the revolt brewing in Atlantis in order to ensure the safety of the civilization above the sea.

What Movie Are You Most Excited About?

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