IN THEATRES: July (2016)

July is packed with exciting remakes, long awaited sequels, and a couple of hilarious new originals. As usual I have featured the two films I am most looking forward to seeing this month, as well as a ton of extras if my features aren’t your style.

1) The Legend of Tarzan – In Theatres Friday July 1

As noted in last year’s “Top 10: Classic Animated Disney Films” post (see link below), Tarzan is my all-time favourite. Therefore, when I found out that they were making a live-action remake called The Legend of Tarzan I was thrilled! I became 150% on board once I found out that Alexander Skarsgard was cast as Tarzan, Margot Robbie as Jane, and there would be a supporting cast of Christoph Waltz, Samuel L. Jackson, and Djimon Hounsou. I can’t wait to see how the animation comes to life on the big screen and how the storyline will differ from the classic.

2) Jason Bourne – In Theatres Friday July 29

Matt Damon as the ex-assassin with a deadly plan, Jason Bourne, throughout the Bourne series is at the top of my list of favourite action trilogies right next to Daniel Craig’s Bond films. So when I saw the first Twitter picture and teaser trailer at the Super Bowl, that Damon was back for another film I was stoked! The official trailer above shows that Bourne survived his fall and bullet wounds from the end of Bourne Ultimatum. He now has his full memory and back with a vengeance to take on the men who turned him into a ruthless killer. The supporting cast is also very enticing as Julia Stiles reprises her role as Nicky Parsons, while Alicia Vikander and Tommy Lee Jones add new blood.

The Purge - Election Year

  • The Purge: Election Year (In Theatres – Fri July 1): is an action horror film that is third of The Purge series with Frank Grillo back as badass Leo Barnes as he helps to save the life of Senator Charlene (Elizabeth Mitchell) who is trying to cancel the annual purge.


  • The BFG (In Theatres – Fri July 1): is a fantasy adventure film that is based on the classic novel of the same name by Roald Dahl. The story follows an orphan girl as she befriends a lovable giant who takes her to ‘Giant Country’, in order to try and stop man-eating giants from taking over the world.

The Secret Life of Pets

  • The Secret Life of Pets (In Theatres – Fri July 8): is an animated comedy film that stars Louis C.K., Kevin Hart, and many other hilarious people as the voices of a group of furry animals. The storyline follows the pets and all the adventures they have when all the humans leave for the day.

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates

  • Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates (In Theatres – Fri July 8): is a romantic comedy featuring Zac Efron and Adam Devine as two brothers who put an ad out for dates to their sister’s wedding. Low and behold they find two best friends, played by Aubrey Plaza and Anna Kendrick, and the hilarious shenanigans begin.

The Infiltrator

  • The Infiltrator (In Theatres – Wed July 13): is a crime drama film set in the 1980s featuring Bryan Cranston as Robert Mazur a U.S. Customs Service special agent. The storyline follows Mazur as he goes undercover to help bust Pablo Escobar’s money-laundering organization.


  • Ghostbusters (In Theatres – Fri July 15): is a comedy sci-fi remake of the classic film with the same name starring Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones. The storyline follows the four women as they band together to run a ghost-catching business in New York City.

Star Trek Beyond

  • Star Trek: Beyond (In Theatres – Fri July 22): is a sci-fi action film that is the third of the Star Trek series with Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto back to reprise their roles as Captain Kirk and Commander Spock. These two alongside the rest of the USS Enterprise crew pull together to fight a new vicious enemy.

Bad Moms

  • Bad Moms (In Theatres – Fri July 29): is a comedy film featuring Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, and Kathryn Hahn as three moms that are failing at being the ‘perfect mom’, so they decide to let loose for a little while!

2 thoughts on “IN THEATRES: July (2016)

  1. Richard says:

    Bourne, The BFG, Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates and Star Trek are the ones I am looking forward to. I love the original Bourne trilogy, and although I don’t like copious sequels and reboots, I think Bourne will still be on a par with the first 3 films. The BFG was a book I loved as a child, so I will be there in line with the kids! M&DNWD looks funny, and with Anna Kendrick in it, I’m watching it! And I really like the rebooted Star Trek series, so hopefully they carry on in good form.:)

    Liked by 1 person

    • EmVoisin5 says:

      I loved the new Bourne film because it had all the new technology in it along with amazing action fighting and car chase scenes! I’m waiting for the BFG, M&DNWD, and Star Strek to come out on DVD but I definitely think they will be great films 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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