TUESDAY TOP 10: Super Bowl 49 Commercials

Super Bowl 49

Although the Denver Broncos were not playing in Super Bowl 49 on Sunday, I still had a great time with friends, had some delicious food, and was entertained by a great night of football. After three quarters the Seattle Seahawks looked like they were going to take it, but then the New England Patriots pulled of an epic comeback. The last few minutes were intense to say the least with an unbelievable catch, a controversial play call, and a deadly interception.

Every year I love when Super Bowl Sunday finally comes along, not only for the football but also for the equally exciting commercials and half-time show. However, by living in Canada we unfortunately do not have the luxury of seeing all of the commercials, therefore each year I have a fun time the next day looking through the internet for the ones that I’ve missed. So, without further ado please see the below list for my Top 10 favourite commercial spots from the Super Bowl 49.

1) Budweiser, “Lost Dog”

2) Always, “Like A Girl”

3) Dove, “#Real Strength”

4) Toyota, “How Great I Am” ft. Paralympian Amy Purdy

5) Furious 7, Full Trailer

6) Clash of Clans, “Revenge” ft. Liam Neeson

7) Nationwide, “Invisible Mindy” ft. Mindy Kaling & Matt Damon

8) Toyota, “Being a Dad”

9) Reebok, “Be More Human”

10) Pitch Perfect 2, 30-Second Spot

Wasn’t that amazing? At first I was tearing up, then I was very inspired, then I was laughing, and then I was getting excited for upcoming films. As amazing as the above Top 10 list is, I also wanted to include an extra few Super Bowl inspired bonus videos.

Bonus #1: I absolutely LOVED the Missy Elliott guest appearance during this year’s Super Bowl 49 half-time show. I instantly flashed back to two years ago when I was watching the half-time show with one of my best friends from university. We were already very excited that Beyonce was performing, but we lost it when Bootylicious came on and Kelly and Michelle popped up for a Destiny’s Child reunion. Therefore, I had to include the glory that was Beyonce’s 2013 Super Bowl half-time performance!

Bonus #2: I woke up Monday morning and my newsfeed was flooded with links to the Super Bowl Post-Game Jimmy Fallon Lip-Sync Battle featuring Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart. It’s hilarious and that is all you need to know, click the link.

Bonus #3: Earlier this week my newsfeed had also been flooded by a video that was featured on the Conan O’Brien show. It’s a face-off between Seattle Seahawks’ Marshawn Lynch and New England Patriots’ Rob Gronkowski in the new Mortal Kombat X video game as Conan O’Brien commentates. Warning: there is graphic content as the main objective of the game is to kill the other person in a fight. So, if you aren’t a big fan of Game of Thrones styled kills then you might not want to watch. If you are, then click the link because their reactions are priceless … “Point blank in broad day light”.


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